Wave IP Mobility catalogado como lanzamiento "caliente" por la prensa especializada

Vertical Ibérica, tiene el placer de presentarles los artículos dedicados por las prestigiosa revista norteamericana IT CRN al lanzamiento de Wave IP Mobility. Esta App ha sido calificada por la prestigiosa revista americana de IT CRN como uno de los 10 lanzamientos mas «calientes» del mes de mayo, junto con el Samsung Galaxy S III o el HP EliteBook


Vertical ViewPoint Mobile

Vertical Communications launched what it’s touting as the industry’s first, full-featured native mobile application for delivering enterprise-grade PBX and communications features out to smartphones and tablets. This is a hot market — one that every major UC vendor from Cisco to ShoreTel is attempting to tackle — and Vertical’s play, dubbed ViewPoint Mobile, provides seamless mobile access to premise-based enterprise communications services such as collaboration, presence management, call recording and telephony. It integrates directly with Vertical’s Wave IP, the company’s flagship platform, and enterprise customers can adjust features as needed — without any additional software or hardware — using what Vertical calls its inclusive licensing program.

ViewPoint Mobile is available for Apple iOS devices running iOS version 4.3 or newer, and an Android version is promised for later this year.


Vertical Communications Unleashes On-the-Go UC
By Chad Berndtson, CRN
junio 06, 2012 10:07 AM ET

Chet Lytle, president and CEO of Communications Diversified, an Albuquerque, N.M.-based solution provider, said ViewPoint Mobile is one of the «most solid mobility applications I’ve seen.»

«The really exciting thing is that there is no additional cost to the end user — no additional license fees, no additional hardware. That is available to every user,» Lytle told CRN. «For a reseller, that’s huge because there are so many barriers thrown up by too many pricing models needed to implement all this technology.»

Communications Diversified has partnered with Vertical since 2006 and began selling Wave IP in 2007, Lytle said. Customers have come to expect being able to take, transfer and manipulate calls via their mobile devices already, he said, so the ability of a mobile UC app to add many business features is what now separates basic solutions from value-added ones.

Only about 15 percent to 20 percent of Communications Diversified customers are actively exploring how to eliminate or minimize their use of desk phones altogether in favor of mobile, Lytle said, but that conversation is happening much more often, especially for customers migrating off decades-old legacy PBX systems. In terms of ViewPoint’s mobile UC functions beyond voice, he said customers are usually most interested in call recording, as well as enterprise directory access, presence management and the ability to private instant-message.

«We’re seeing it all the way down into small business. I’ve got one customer running it that’s got five or six people on location — as small as that, all the way up through larger enterprise customers,» Lytle said. «But it’s not driven as much by the size of the organization as it is by how mobile their staff is and how they need to access information.»

Wave IP is Communications Diversified’s primary UC platform for customers, Lytle said.

«I like their aggressive nature when it comes to app development and deployment, and they’re extremely inclusive of dealers in their whole design and development process,» he said. «I’ve been in this business for 40 years so I know what taking dealer input in means, and the fact that they’re not out selling it through CDW and other distribution sources. We’re not having to compete with those channel sources for margins.»